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Basque Country - Bonjour France Spain 2019

Bonjour France & Spain 2019 is continuing.

This year, we are taking you with Gwen, our tour leader, to Lyon - France, the Basque Country in France and Spain, Occitanie and Catalunya in France and Spain.

Our traveller (and Bonjour Toowoomba student) Lindley has been given the keyboard during this trip to talk about the experience.

Enjoy the tour!


So for the last week, we have mostly been exploring Spain (particularly the Basque side).

Our first destination was Biarritz, a beautiful coastal town of the Basque country. This place was very scenic and lovely to stroll around the waterside. We enjoyed having a drink and watching as the waves come in.

This was also the first time I'd ever had chilli oil supplied with pizza. I've been informed that that is not just a French/Italian thing but it blew my mind. Definitely a habit I'll be bringing back with me.

During our stay, we took lots of trips to cute, little towns that had beautiful buildings and lots of picturesque views of the scenery. It's been a ton of fun.

Biarritz - Bonjour Toowoomba Travel

We had a fantastic wine tour in Getaria, Spain. Txomin Etxanis, is a family owned and operated winery. They had a special white wine which we all found very interesting. We enjoyed a variety of wines with delicious sardines, tuna and of course, bread.

One of my highlights was when we stopped in a small town and spontaneously chose a restaurant to dine in. It ended up being one of my favourite experiences.

Our hosts, an elderly man and the occasional younger woman, did not speak any English so all communication was between them and Gwen. Despite this, the man's joyful energy was easily conveyed. We were brought plate after plate of food. It was delicious food and the fact that we didn't have much of a say in the menu was fantastic. Being a smaller person, I struggled to eat everything and the man would come over to check on us and would encourage me to eat up, something unusual and has never occured in any other restaurant. It was refreshing.

When our bellies couldnt get any fuller, we called it a night. I left with not only a free packet of chips (since the man noticed I liked potato so much) but also a strange but delightful experience to look back on.

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