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Bonjour France & Spain 2019 - French Catalogne

We have, once more, given the keyboard to our youngest traveller, Lindley.

Here are her thoughts on week 3.


This week we started in Toulouse, Frances 4th biggest city.

We had a beautiful tour of the city from a very passionate woman who has moved there 15 years ago and raised her kids there. In the city hall, we were able to see some very impressive paintings.

During our stay, we lived in a refurbished "chateau" (castle). This was a really stunning place to stay.

We also were lucky enough to take a trip to the village Cordes sur Ciel, where some scenes from the movie- 'the 100 foot journey' were filmed.

That night, we went out to another Michelin star restaurant called "Le Puit du Trésor" in Lastours. The food was absolutely beautiful.

There were many castles that we have visited, particularly in Carcassonne and Narbonne.

We took a scenic train ride called "Le Train Jaune" through the Conflent Pyrénnées. It was a spectacular trip throuh the beautiful landscape which included ravines, streams and the surrounding mountain ranges with the Mount Canigou.

On our way to Barcelona, we stopped in Argelès-sur-Mer for a wine tour. This was a different wine tour than I'd ever been on, where we actually got to take a four wheel drive through some mountain ranges and see all the different kinds of grapes they used and how they adapted to use the terrain. We finished that off with a wine tasting amongst the trees with a beautiful view of the town and the sea.

We finished the week off on Easter Sunday. Being the youngest of the group, the tour leader was kind enough to grab me some delicious chocolate eggs. On this day we just had a lovely stroll around Barcelona and it turned out to be one of my favourite food days. We had tapas for lunch and the food was excellent! I ordered a chicken curry croquette and bravas potatoes, both of which I loved. And had one of the best baked cheesecakes I've had in awhile. I also tried raw beef and raw tuna which was good to my surprise.

To top the day off, we ate at a rather unusual place, a restaurant that is inspired by both Japanese and Brazilian cuisines, a strange combination which turned out to be uber delicious. One of my favourite combinations was the raw salmon sushi with a slice of kiwi fruit on top, the combination of the flavours was really good.

With the France part of the trip sadly coming to an end, we will be spending the last week of the trip in Spain and we couldn't be more excited.

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