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Itinerary - Leg 2 - Bonjour France 2019

Bonjour France & Spain 2019

Leg 2 Itinerary

During our second leg, we will go from towns to countryside spots to discover what makes the Basque identity in France and Spain: -history, -architecture, -food scene, -arts, -artisans, -landscapes shaped by the Pyrennées and the Atlantic ocean, -the camino de Santiago heritage, -wines and ciders, -designers.

We will ride cable cars to the top of border mountains, walk century old paths, discover the vibrant food scene in San Sebastian (Donastia), drive less driven roads through the Pyrenees, visit art centres known worldwide, share locals' passions for quality and beauty.

For more info, visit our website, we have 3 seats left on this leg.

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