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Lyon - Bonjour France Spain 2019

Bonjour France & Spain 2019 has started. This year, we are taking you with Gwen, our tour leader, to Lyon - France, the Basque Country in France and Spain, Occitanie and Catalunya in France and Spain.

Our traveller (and Bonjour Toowoomba student) Lindley has been given the keyboard during this trip to talk about the experience.

Enjoy the tour!


Our Bonjour France and Spain trip of 2019 has finally arrived.

We started in Lyon, however, I was lucky enough to spend a couple days in Paris. Travelling with a new friend, we saw many of the iconic trademarks of Paris, such as the Sacre-Coeur, the Louvre, the Catacombs, the Notre Dame and of course, the Eiffel Tower. As incredible as this experience was, the beautiful city of Lyon was my preferred city.

Edit: This post was written before 15/04/2019 and it is with emotion that we post these pictures tonight of Notre-Dame de Paris that are only a few days old.

The city of Lyon is filled with just really beautiful architecture wherever you go, and was thoroughly admired throughout the entire stay. This could be seen in noteable structures such as the Basilica and the Cathedral but also in the ordinary buildings that you'd walk around during the day.

We were able to enjoy traditional French cuisine particularly at Le Nord, one of the restaurants of the late chef, Paul Bocuse, as well as our home cooked meal with Chef Étienne Serrrepuy. And even extend our cuisine experience further as we dined at the Michelin star restaurant of Takao Takano. During which I tried snails and pigeon for the first time. One experience was very homey and comfortable whereas the other pushed my boundaries, and I enjoyed both experiences in different ways.

When I first arrived I was very surprised to discover that the greeting through kissing was a real thing and not something that the movies over stereotyped, a comment which has gotten a few giggles out of some of our French companions along the way.

The train ride to our next destination was filled with the rolling hills of the countryside of South France and our next adventure awaits.


Words by: Lindley Brown

Photos by the group

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