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Lyon - European Capital of Smart Tourism 2019

Lyon is the first destination of the Bonjour France and Spain 2019 tour.

This beautiful city is known for its culture-rich heritage, with its historic district named a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1998. It's no wonder Lyon has been chosen as the 2019 European Capital of smart tourism.

In Lyon, there is a special system called the Lyon City Card. Our travellers will be using this card, which can be used for all public transport, allows access to over 23 museums and tours and activities, including the famous traboules. They are small, hidden passages throughout the city, an experience that must not be missed when visiting Lyon.

To discover more of this wonderful city join us during the first leg of Bonjour France and Spain 2019.

For more information about our trip next year visit our website or join us during our info night on Wednesday 19 December at 6pm.

More info and RSVPs for the info night:


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