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San Sebastian - Bonjour Spain 2019

Next year, Bonjour Toowoomba Travel is giving you the opportunity to experience the incredible and beautiful local scenes of France and Spain.

This week we will be exploring the second leg with San Sebastian.

Home to a few of the best fresh food markets and with three of its restaurants having earned an impressive three Michelin stars, it’s no wonder this city is a spectacular destination.

The Bonjour France and Spain 2019 trip is comprised of four independent legs;

Leg 1: Lyon (3 April - 7 April) Leg 2: Biarritz (7 April - 14 April) as well as San Sebastian, Pamplona, Tarbes, and Toulouse Leg 3: Toulouse (14 April – 21 April) as well as Carcassone, Narbonne, Perpignan, Barcelona Leg 4: Barcelona (21 April – 27 April) as well as Vallbona, Vic, Besalu

These legs are all flexible, meaning that you can mix and match to create your most desired experience. More information on our website www.bonjourtoowoombatravel.com or contact us for the specific details.

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