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We are still open!

Yes, we are still open, because there will be an end to the COVID19 pandemics and because host countries and airlines will need us to travel and support them as soon as we possibly can.

So what's happening at Bonjour Toowoomba Travel during this no travelling time?

Well, first of all, we have decided to move our May/June 2020 tours to May/June 2021. This means that we had to contact all our suppliers one by one and re-organise trips, bookings, transfers, etc.

You will find the new dates online (and a few spare spots as we have re-arranged accommodation and transports) for:

-Bonjour Croatia 2021 (May/June) - 10 spots left

-Bonjour French Riviera 2021 (May) - 6 spots left

-Bonjour Beaujolais Immersion 2021 (May) - 6 spots left

Then, we have been organising our other tours:

-Bonjour Argentina 2020 (September - will be delayed to September 2021 if safety cannot

be guaranteed) - 20 spots left

-Bonjour France 2020 (December - will be delayed to December 2022 if safety cannot be guaranteed) - 20 spots left

-Bonjour New-Zealand 2021 (January) - 6 spots left

-Bonjour Lyon Immersion 2021 (March) - 14 spots left

-Bonjour Bordeaux 2021 (April) - 14 spots left

-Bonjour New-Caledonia Immersion 2021 (May) - 18 spots left

-Bonjour New-Caledonia 2021 (May) - 18 spots left

We have been planning workshop on destinations to be given via Bonjour Toowoomba's new virtual centre. Stay tuned for a full list.

Finally, we have organised a "Couch World Tour" - everyday we take you to a new destination on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and invite you to join the trip from your couch by sharing your tips, experiences and pictures.

So follow the guide, and see you at our next stop!

The Bonjour Toowoomba Travel Team


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