From Our Travellers

"I have taken part into every single Bonjour Toowoomba Travel tour since the very beginning. Every time, I have a great time. I feel that the main point of difference is that these tours are very personal - organised by the guide, with everyone's input taken into account, from travellers to locals. 

I do not speak any foreign language so I appreciate that our leaders are always around, when needed, to translate or help. 

I always recommend travelling with Bonjour Toowoomba Travel to my friends because the tours are well organised, in small groups, allowing everyone to feel comfortable. 

The incredible local knowledge of the guides allows for flexibility in the schedule and last minute changes to adjust to travellers' desires and tastes. They can also cater for everyone's mood on the day - if you want to have a relaxed day on your own, your guide is always happy to adjust, recommend cafés or museums or trails to walk and give you a meeting point and time to join the group again afterwards. 

We always go to places where tourists do not usually go. Our guides have a particular way of making us feel like locals - we sleep in local houses, learn to cook local dinners, they teach us about customs, organise meetings with local artisans, etc. 

All in all, it makes travelling easy and enjoyable, knowing that everything is sorted. 

I am now looking forward to our next adventure. "

Kathryn G.

B&B Chateau in Ardennes

"Travelling to Northern France in 2018 was just the type of trip for me. 

I prefer to travel alone or in small groups to places that may be less common for most travellers. I really enjoyed travelling with a small group - 3 -4 in a car where you could gaze on the beautiful countryside and even stop for a closer look. 

Staying close to the centres of cities and towns in boutique hotels, manor houses, chateaux, cosy and interesting Bed and Breakfast places was such a fantastic experience. 

Apart from the accommodation, I really enjoyed the food activities. Eating in small country cafes and big restaurants like the Pompidou Centre, a family home, interesting little cafes, walking through little markets and sampling ‘new’ foods was a highlight for me! 

Gwen was an informative and willing guide - she was willing to listen to what we were interested in and gave us clear directions. I am looking forward to new adventures and new experiences in April!!"

Pam W.


"My Bonjour Toowoomba 2018 trip to Versailles Paris and the little village of Emalleville was fantastic. Beautiful hotels meals and unique experiences that could only be achieved in a small group tour with someone like Gwen’s local knowledge."

Leanne MV.

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